Our Vision

We would like Emmanuel Parish Church to be a place whose foundation is God;

where all people are welcome, worship God, receive support, share fellowship and work together.

We seek to break new ground, and to find ways to relate to our diverse community,

Hi including those of other faiths and none, so that God’s kingdom will come on earth


What kind of church is this?

Emmanuel sees itself as a church physically and socially at the heart of its community.  It is a place where people from a variety of backgrounds and spiritual traditions can feel at home.


How does the church see mission?

We see mission as primarily the work of God to which we are called to participate in.  We seek to meet the spiritual and pastoral needs of our congregation and the social and other human needs of all the people within and around our parish.

There is much more about this church and the local area than can be conveyed here.  In spite of the cold facts and figures on social deprivation, in reality there is a buzz about Forest Gate and visitors to the church often remark on how warm the congregation is.  We believe God is doing something new in our church and neighbourhood and many people find being here very fulfilling.


What church tradition does this fit into?

Emmanuel Church is neither very high nor very low.  We do not see ourselves as either Evangelical or Anglo-Catholic.  We have historically not been defined by our Ecclesiastical tradition, but by our commitment to serve the people in our parish.


Who are the Ministers?

Rev Dr Chigor Chike  - Vicar


Rev. Kingsley Yeboah - Curate


Rev Canon Barnabas Matloob - Community Priest

Evangeelist Rhoda Tom-West and Evangelist Comfort Mbaachu

Parish Evangelists

Others involved in Church Governance

Mrs Ajennie Subaran - Ordinand



What services take place in the church?



Main Sunday Service: 10 a.m.

Sunday Club: 10 a.m. every Sunday apart from the first in the month

Family Service: Once a month on first Sunday

We have a Praise service, once a month on the last Sunday.

We have a mid week event, called Open Church which includes a Eucharist


Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

We conduct baptisms, weddings, and funerals for parishioners and others.  For any enquiries, please contact the office on 020 8522 1900 or call Rev Chigor on 0790 515 5494


Morning Prayer

We have Morning Prayer. Mon – Fri in church, 8.30-9.00am


Lay involvement in ministry

As a church we encourage lay people to participate in worship and leadership.  Several church members read the Bible or lead intercessions during the services.  We also have two lay evangelists and three others currently undergoing training.


Home Group

We have a home group which meets at the Vicarage once a month.  If you wold like to join our home group, contat the office on 020 8522 1900 or speak to Rev Chigor on 0790 515 5494


Community Engagement

Emmanuel has a tradition of engaging with the community. 

We run a breakfast club once a week for homeless people. 

We also run Faithful Friends (Coordinated by Rev Barnabas Matloob) which is an inter-faith projects that promotes friendship and cooperation between Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus in Forest Gate.  We have monthly services at the two nursing homes for the elderly. 

We also give home communion to the elderly members of our congregation.

Urdu Language Service

We have established an Urdu service (i.e. Asian language service).  Urdu is the most widely spoken language in this area after English.


Our congregation

On the whole, the congregation is communal rather than gathered.  What that means is that many of those who attend church at Emmanual live locally. 


Involvement with other denominations (Ecumenism)

We have a monthly prayer meeting of Christian ministers to which Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Baptist, Methodists and Independent churches come to.  Emmanuel Church has a joint programme with these other churches during Holy Week.





Sunday Services
10am - Holy Communion Service
12noon - Praise Service (last Sunday of the month, only)

1.30pm -  Urdu Language Service