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Please be advised, that due to the government restrictions regarding the Covid-19, Coronavirus situation, All in person church activites have been suspended until further notice. Please watch this space for updates in regards to continuing services and other activites through technology based means.

July 13, 2020 COVID-19 UPDATE

Please be advised that as the government regulations change, so do our services. As lockdown is easing and we are allowed to open once more, we will be having an open air service in the church yard on Sunday July 19th, 2020. Please Note: Due to a forecast of rain this service has been cancelled.

Online service will continue.

We will strive to continue providing an online service for all those who would still like to participate with the service and the community but are unable to attend. We will also be striving to ensure the safety of all our members who attend. 

Should restrictions continue to ease we will have our first indoor service on Sunday July 26th, 2020. Again, we will continue to do our best to livestream our services for any who wish to participate but who are unable to attend in person.

Thank you all for your prayers, should anything change, please watch this space for more information.

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